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  • Young Romantics

    I am so grateful to have meet Chelsea, she is an AMAZING photographer, make-up artist and blogger! Check out her blog Willow & Frank. Her visions are right out of a dream book. This shoot was so much fun!

    photography by Chelsea Millunchick 
    makeup by Chelsea millunchick
    hair by Jenelle Oldham
    wardrobe by Ashley farnaz
    models: Brendon Beck and Nikki Winge at city models san francisco

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  • Dreamy

    Hello! I’ve not updated in a while but I have been working hard and wanted to show y’all the fruits of my labors!

    Model : Nikki Winge @ City Models

    Photographer & Make up : Chelsea Millunchick

    Illustrator : Katheryn MacNaughton

    Hair: Me (Jenelle Oldham)

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    Holy Shiz. This is a severe case of “x-tensionrexia”.This is Britney Spears. Sad. Tragic. My jaw is still on the ground. Why do rich people make themselves look s cheap? Brit- Brit should invest in hair masks, treatments, products STAT before she ends up bald. Oh helllll no.

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    Melody. Such a beautiful name.  She is our assistant at The Bella Union. I just love her so much. We decided she had been blonde long enough. I wanted to do something fun and youthful so I did some block coloring. I choose 2 different golds. Look how her eyes pop! Puuuure hawtness.

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  • Hitler youth will never die.

    This is my friend Josh. We usually keep his hair neat and classic but today we went with a slightly edgier look. High and tight.

    I think it rules. Feast your eyes on this!!!

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  • A. symetric.

    This is Kiersten. She has got an AMAZING face and neck , so naturally, short cuts really work for her. I think next time we are going to chop the whole thing off. For now she can be two different people.

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  • How bad hair can ruin a great face.

    Jarad Leto will always have a place in my heart. I always wanted to be Claire Danes and meet Jordan Catalano in the boiler room. Those days have come and gone and so has Jared sexy style. The latest pics of him seriously made me throw up a little in my mouth. Clearly the bleach fumes have gone into his brain and he thinks he could do no wrong. Fail total F*ING FAIL! Call me boo and hook you up with something reallll amazing! I promise. Take a look of these pics in order from SUPER freaking babe to hellllla NASTY.

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  • Hey girl Heeeeyy

    This hair is sooooo freaking good. Boys take notice. Yum yum yum…….. Creepy? Maybe, but I don’t care.

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  • Blondes don’t ALWAYS have the most fun.

    This is my good friend Rachel. My hair muse. She is super freakin cute and a fashion designer so I know that she can pull off any look . I was feeling red for her that day, partly inspired by Rhianna. She has green eyes so I knew the red would make them POP out of her head. I am already starting to think about my next plan of attack. Take a look at my photoshoots section to see all of the looks she has been through in the past year and half.

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  • Well this is interesting.

    Well this certainly got my attention. Designer Patrick Mohr had an unusual vision for the hair concept. Creepy. But women baldness is no joke. I like the juxtaposition of hi fashion meets most un glam.

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